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March 25, 2011
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WARNING: Possibly the second lamest and first glitchiest game you will ever play.

Yeeeah. Another licking pony game full of glitches and lacking animation. But I haven't dealt with flash since high school and my computer doesn't like it. That being said, I did this in one day, mostly because ~eurobeatBrony offered to let me use one of his remixes, and ~flash-fox made me a video for the last one. May everypony enjoy it, despite its many flaws. :heart:

Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Lick
Mouse: Click on cupcakes plants to reveal cupcakes, and ponies to talk/un-talk to them (ponies will say different things before and after being licked.)
General Help: Collect 15 points via cupcakes and licking ponies, then lick My Little Timelord to progress.
Ridiculous Prequel: [link]
Download: [link]
Video play-through: [link] thanks to :iconflash-fox:
Youtube movie: [link] thanks to :iconanimeotaku234:

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the artwork, sound, coding, or characters.
My Little Pony: [link] & Lauren Faust
Coding help: [link]
Song: Art of the Dress (Euro Fashion Mix) by :iconeurobeatbrony: : [link]

- Sidewalls added
- Spikes/Derpy hittests fixed.
- Derpy is now lickable
- Big Mac & Caramel level added
- Spikes' colours changed to be more visible.
- Hidden cupcakes more obvious
- Retry button added
- Lame jump animation added (falling still bugged)
- Princess Luna & All-Powerful Trixie level added

- If game won't play: Try clicking the screen, refreshing the page, DA's download option, or downloading here: [link] If you're using google chrome, try ~Vizey's suggestions of either using the above download option and opening it in firefox or internet explorer, or go into Goggle chrome Options> Under the Hood> Content settings> Disable Individual Plug ins, then disable the Macromedia flash plugin located in the GOOGLE CHROME folder (Make sure you only disable the one in googles folder and leave the one in macromedia folder enabled.) Thank you ~Vizey for the suggestion!
- If you can't find cupcakes or are missing points try clicking the cupcake-coloured plants.
- If you're 3 points short or licking ponies doesn't work reposition and relick them until you see a 3 point difference to your score.
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